Best Papers & Poster

Nominees and Winners for Best Paper and Best Student Paper

  • Crowdsourcing Annotations of Websites’ Privacy Policies: Can It Really Work?
    Shomir Wilson, Florian Schaub, Rohan Ramanath, Norman Sadeh, Fei Liu, Noah Smith & Frederick Liu (Security & Privacy (1), Wed 2–3:30, Room 520BE)
  • Visualizing Large-scale and High-dimensional Data
    Jian Tang, Jingzhou Liu, Ming Zhang & Qiaozhu Mei (Web Mining (1), Thu 11–12:30, Room 516C)
  • Social Networks Under Stress (WINNER - BEST PAPER AWARD)
    Daniel Romero, Brian Uzzi & Jon Kleinberg (Social Networks & Graph Analysis (1), Wed 2–3:30, Room 517D)
  • Using Hierarchical Skills for Optimized Task Assignment in Knowledge-intensive Crowdsourcing (WINNER - BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD)
    Panagiotis Mavridis, David Gross-Amblard and Zoltan Miklos (Crowdsourcing Systems & Social Media (2), Thu 4–5:30, Room 516DE)
  • Growing Wikipedia Across Languages via Recommendation
    Ellery Wulczyn, Robert West, Leila Zia & Jure Leskovec (Behavioral Analysis & Personalization (3), Fri 11–12:30, Room 517D)

Nominees and Winner for best poster

  • Power of Human Curation in Recommendation Systems
    Yuchen Liu, Dmitry Chechik & Junghoo Cho
  • Article De-duplication Using Distributed Representations
    Shumpei Okura, Yukihiro Tagami & Akira Tajima
  • Can One Tamper with the Sample API? -Toward Neutralizing Bias from Spam and Bot Content  (WINNER - BEST POSTER)
    Fred Morstatter, Harsh Dani, Justin Sampson & Huan Liu
  • Less is More: Filtering Abnormal Dimensions in GloVe
    Yang-Yin Lee, Hao Ke, Hen-Hsen Huang & Hsin-Hsi Chen
  • A Large Public Corpus of Web Tables containing Time and Context Metadata
    Oliver Lehmberg, Dominique Ritze, Robert Meusel and Christian Bizer
  • Improving Music Recommendation using Distributed Representation
    Dongjing Wang, Shuiguang Deng and Guandong Xu 



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