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Co-Located Events

6th Digital Health Conference: 11th -13th April 2016 (DH 2016)

Everything is affected by the digital revolution. The opportunities for interdisciplinary digital health research bringing together computer science to dramatically improve health and wellbeing of individuals and populations are extraordinary. DH 2016, held in conjunction with WWW 2016, and in cooperation with ACM SIGMOD and SIGKDD, will in particular focus on public health computer science covering a wide spectrum of subjects including communities of practice and social networks, analytics and engagement with tracking and monitoring wearable devices, big data, public health surveillance, persuasive technologies, epidemic intelligence, participatory surveillance, serious games for public health interventions and automated early identification of health threats and response.

DH2016 Proceedings


The 13th Web for All Conference: Education for All on the Web (W4A 2016)

The rapid emergence of online learning has brought many accessibility challenges. MOOCs, Big Data, and Open Content are changing how we look at education, broadening access to learning for millions, soon billions of individuals, and creating new opportunities to remove barriers to literacy, education, and the search for knowledge. With the explosive growth of opportunities to learn online, the theme of the 13th International Web for All Conference is “Education for All on the Web.”

Student awards

If you are a student and you would loke to participate at the conference we have several options for you:


Big Data Innovators Gathering (BIG 2016)

Many of today’s most successful enterprises - in business and in science - are built on the collection and analysis of data. The sheer volume and richness of these data sets has stimulated a massive wave of innovation. In addition, this revolution has also sparked important debate on data privacy policies, ethics and governance. The BigData Innovators Gathering (BIG) will bring together academic and industry leaders in the big data space to share the state of the art and its successful application in business.

This event will be co-located with WWW conference for the third time. The gathering will consist of keynotes from visionaries in the field, a panel on hot topics, and talks on successes and best practices.

The focus of BIG 2016 is Big Data on the Web.


The Open Knowledge Festival of Montreal (#OKFestMTL)

The Open Knowledge Festival of Montreal aims to strengthen networking among open communities in the region of Montreal and in Quebec – practitioners, researchers and interested citizens. It provides a showcase of initiatives that enables discoveries and a feedback area.


Imagination WWW'P

During this session, speakers and presenters will discuss various approaches to the Semantic Web, inspired by one of its precursors, Alfred Jarry, and his “science of imaginary solutions”, his use of “clinamen”, etc. Some actual Web projects will also be presented for the first time.

It also includes the work of artists, in the way of two performances, who in their own way challenge the general theme.


Edu-Fiction 2030

With the assumption that the future is not something we step on but rather the result of projected ideas sustained with effort and work, we have organized an expert panel envisioning higher education scenarios in 2030. For this committed exercise we have invited four renowned academics with different back- grounds to explore socio-economic, technological, pedagogical, and sustainable dimensions of learning in the future. Based on actual trends in open, digital, mobile, and networked learning we will engage in a productive discussion where all participants will be invited to express and imagine together.


Special Events

WWW Developers Day 2016

The success of the World Wide Web depends on its developers. From Hypertext and Web Browsers to the APIs that extend the capabilities of the Web, developers have played a very important role in making the Web as ubiquitous as it is today. To celebrate this great driving force behind the Web, we are rebooting the Developers Day at the World Wide Web Conference.

The Developers Day will be forum for developers by developers where cutting edge Web technologies will be discussed. The program consists of a round of lightning talks followed by Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions where attendees will be able to get an in-depth look at the software presented in the form of a hands-on tutorial as well as a discussion of open challenges, next steps, and application areas.

We are soliciting submissions from developers who have interesting open-source software to showcase to the Web developer community. The program will have a special focus on implementations, methods, techniques, and how developers have solved practical problems on the Web. The software must be based on an implemented and tested system that pursues one or more innovative ideas in the interest areas of the conference.


WWWAfrica 2016

This special event of WWW2016 has three main objectives: 1) provide a meeting platform for African web developers and researchers; 2) stimulate the development of e-Gov, e-Health, e-Education and Smart-cities via the link between African web actors and deciders in African countries; 3) stimulate the research publication on web related topics to African issues and help African scientists access to world-class conferences. The call for paper will be open soon to accept contributions and abstracts dedicated to www in Africa. Resources are being solicited to support the fees for a limited number of African students and scientists.


WWW/W4A Hackathon

We are very excited to announce that this year WWW and W4A are joining forces to run the first WWW+W4A Accessibility Hackathon being put on by Google Montreal and the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT). The aim of the hack is to take a popular product that is being used widely across the Web in workplaces and schools and make it accessible. This venture will combine the expertise of WWW web developers with the expertise of W4A accessibility researchers to produce software that can be used by anyone regardless of ability, and regardless of the technology they may be using to access the Web.


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